Flowstate Studio is a state of the art mixing and mastering home studio featuring the highest quality analog and digital gears for a super clean signal flow. All mixes & masters are done on a Dangerous 2BUS+ (summing mixer) along with a UAD Apollo X16 to get the flexibility of a modern digital setup and the warmth, clarity, and 3D depth of an analog console. Carefully selected outboard gears by Dangerous Music, Thermionic Culture, and Neve give a wide range of tones from Hi-Fi to Valve, as well as an up to date series of plugins from UAD Complete, Slate, Soundtoys, FabFilter, and NI Komplete among others. Acoustically treated by KMR audio, and powered by the Dangerous DBOX+ monitoring system using Focal monitors Twin6 Be + Amphion One15 and an Avantone, make it a flawless listening environment for modern music production. 



UPLOAD your project following the instruction here, and ask me any questions you might have!


Your song will be prepped to be MIX/MASTER on my Dangerous 2BUS+ and run through my analog chain.


Once the mix/master is completed, I will upload a high quality WAV file for you to DOWNLOAD on our dropbox shared folder. 


Time to give me FEEDBACK for revisions if needed! Take your time and write everything as detailed as possible, it will make the process smoother! 


When you are happy with the result, the final mix/master will be printed and DELIVERED to you as a high quality WAV file 24bit - 44.1kHz or 48kHz as well as an MP3 file.