Flowstate Studio features a collection of high end instruments including a Rhodes MKII 1980 electric piano, the classic synthesisers Moog Sub37, Nord Lead A1Prophet 6 & TR8, vintage guitars & bass, and the full suite of VSTs from NI Komplete 12 and Arturia V5.  Its plug and play capabilities allows you to focus entirely on the music creation and get into the flow state without any distractions. Being both artist and engineerI can assist you throughout the entire process of creation to the finish track.



In this stage, it is all about letting the CREATIVE PROCESS take its course by exploring, experimenting and generating ideas.


From the ideas that we generated, we will pick the strongest one and turn it into a full ARRANGEMENT.


Once the full arrangement is laid out, we will then focus on SOUND DESIGN to make sure each element stand out.


When you are happy with the result, the audio stems will be printed and DELIVERED to you as high quality WAV files at 24bit - 48kHz alongside with the project ready for the mixing stage.