Flowstate Studio features vintage tube microphones like the FLEA U47 and the Manley Cardioid Reference, the legendary Neve Shelford Channel Strip composed of a class-A microphone amplifier, analog EQs and Compressors, and the DangerousAD+ mastering-grade converter to guarantee a super clean signal flow and professional sounding vocal recordings. 



Before recording, we will choose the VOCAL CHAIN that will best suit your song and vision. Whether you prefer the character of analog or the flexibility of digital emulations, both will give you professional vocal recordings in no time.


At the RECORDING stage, you will be monitoring your vocal performance through AudioTechnica M50x headphones. Iconic reverbs and delays such as EMT Plates and Korg SDD 3000 will be used as return FXs for the best experience possible. 


At the EDITING stage, we will comp your vocal recordings in Protoolsimport them into Izotope RX7 to clean up any pops and clicks, and finally import them into Revoice Pro to correct any timing and pitch issue if necessary.


Finally, you will receive high quality wav files 48Khz - 24bit, raw and wet to DOWNLOAD.